Geov Parrish

Geov Parrish is a long-time peace and social justice activist and punk/folk musician living for the last decade in Seattle, having previously alarmed local authorities in Washington D.C., Houston, Japan, and while gaining a masters degree in Political Science and East Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He first became politically active through domestic violence work and as a public Selective Service non-registrant when that system was reintroduced in 1980. While convalescing in the mid-90`s from a series of health problems, including two organ transplants and a stroke, he founded the local nonprofit community newspaper Eat the State!. Geov continues to help edit ETS!, and has also gone on to become a weekly political columnist and journalist at Seattle Weekly, and a regular contributor to In These Times,, AlterNet, ZNet, assorted other web sites, and, though syndication, at weekly and daily newspapers around the country. He also appears each Saturday morning on the Mind Over Matters program on KEXP Seattle, and is a frequent public and classroom speaker and co-facilitator for direct action nonviolence, war tax resistance, and other activism trainings. He lives in central Seattle with his three kidneys, two pancreases, and an attitude.

Geov Parrish's

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