José Luis Granados Ceja: Venezuela Celebrates Petro’s Win in Colombia

US Loses its Latin America ‘Bastion’

José Luis Granados Ceja: US Plotted ‘Terrifying’ Venezuela Invasion with Opposition’s Blessing

“Esper’s revelations merely confirm that we’re dealing with a government—regardless of who is in office—that will go to extreme lengths to achieve its policy priorities”

José Luis Granados Ceja: Venezuelan Electoral Council Sets Recall Referendum Process in Motion

Despite representing a constitutional avenue to end Maduro’s term, the hardline opposition has remained noncommittal

José Luis Granados Ceja: Massive Turnout in Favor of Leftists in Honduras Repudiates US-Backed Coup

Thousands of jubilant voters have been flooding the streets of cities across Honduras to celebrate the apparent electoral victory of leftist presidential candidate Xiomara Castro

José Luis Granados Ceja: Biden’s Policies Won’t Address the Roots of the Migrant Crisis — They’ll Fuel It

Far from treating the border crisis as a humanitarian issue, the Biden administration has continued to expel the vast majority of adult migrants.

José Luis Granados Ceja: Venezuela Rolls Out Economic Support as COVID-19 Infections Spread

The measures include a ban on evictions, a special “stay at home” benefit for two million private-sector workers, and a one-time benefit for 15 million people

José Luis Granados Ceja: Biden’s Immigration Declarations Open Up New Political Terrain for Organizers

The U.S. will need to both undo the damage already done by Trump and move away from the type of imperialist foreign policy championed by both Republicans and Democrats

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