Gustavo Esteva

72 years old, born in Mexico, live in Mexico, grassroots activist, deprofessionalized intellectual and independent writer. Active participant in the creation of NGOs and local, national and international networks. Grassroots activist for the last 30 years. Advisor to the Zapatistas in 1996 for their negotiations with the government and active in Zapatismo since 1994. Involved with the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca since 2006. Affiliated with Unitierra Oaxaca and CEDI. I do hope that a vision inspired by Indigenous peoples, peasants and urban marginal, from Mexico, may inspire others to imagine a convivial world beyond development and globalization. I am convinced that one of the main challenges today is a challenge to our collective imagination: when both the institutions and their intellectual underpinnings are falling apart, many people can no longer imagine the alternative out of the box. The project may contribute to deal with this challenge.

Gustavo Esteva's

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