Harold Niver

A recently radicalized college student...

Believe it or not, my college education is largely responsible for my recent radicalization.  While a student at Empire State College in New York, I began studying radical politics.  The crowining moment of that occurred in my final semester, as I undertook an Independent Study on Marxism.  Upon realizing that the current socio-political and economic systems in place in the US and most of the Western world were unsustainable and would eventually collapse under the weight of a massive worker-led resistance/revolution, I explored my options, eventually settling on the Communist Party USA.  I am a new member and outspoken critic of that Party, which all too often settles for actions that are entirely non-revolutionary, but never reactionary.

Still, it is taking steps in a positive direction, and I support most of our actions, as I do any action that has the best interest of workers as it\'s goal.

I have had two editorial articles published by CounterCurrents.org: What Will it Take to Hasten the Revolution and Class is in Session, both of which can be found on the CounterCurrents website, and have been posted on my ZSpace, along with an article for the newspaper of the CPUSA, the People\'s Weekly World, called "Free Speech? Not in Troy, NY."

In April, I  presented a scholarly paper titled Marxism, the State and the Morality of Communism at the New York State Political Science Association 2008 Conference at the University of Albany in Albany, NY.  I will be attending said University in the fall, working on an MA in Political Science: I hope to turn the department on it\'s ear.

My main areas of interest are US Politics, the MIddle East, Latin America, Africa, and the Balkan states.  I support both violent and non-violent resistance, as I realize that non-violence only goes so far, and more often than not, serves only to protect the state.

I owe a tremendous amount ot my influences, which include but are not limited to Noam Chomsky, Arundhati Roy, Howard Zinn,  Robert Fisk,  Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin,  Leon Trotsky, Slavoj Zizek, Derrick Jensen, Ward Churchill, Norman Finkelstein, and many, many others, including all of you on this site.


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