Jack Rasmus: US Sanctions & Future American Economic Empre

US sanctions are not new and have been applied by the US in both recent history (Venezuela, Iran) and well prior (Japan 1937-45, Latin America, Africa)

Jack Rasmus: Debate on Bitcoin

Is it a currency that is going to replace the dollar or is it a classical commodity speculative financial bubble?

Jack Rasmus: Labor Uprising in France

Massive labor actions have been roiling France, as unions protest the policies of the nominally Socialist government

Jack Rasmus: On Social Security and Medicare

A presentation to the Progressive Democrats of America on the current status of Social Security and Medicare and the growing threat by the two parties, Republicans and Democrats to institute massive cuts in both as the next phase ‘solution’ to deficit cutting. The central theme is that neither social security or medicare are ‘broke’ and that Read more…

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