Jack Rasmus: Look Again—July Jobs Declined by 198,000

On Friday, August 5, the employment numbers were released by the US Department of Labor for July jobs. The Current Establishment Survey (CES), referred to as the ‘payroll report’, indicated 117,000 jobs were created in July. That was more than the general forecast of 85,000 by economists, although still well below the 150,000 a month Read more…

Jack Rasmus: On the Tenth Anniversary of G. W. Bush’s Tax Cuts

This month marks the tenth year anniversary of the first of George W. Bush’s three general tax cuts, passed between 2001-2003, which reduced taxes by a total of $3.4 trillion over the decade, 2001-2010. These general cuts were followed by a series of additional $1.1 trillion industry-specific tax cuts in 2004-2006 that, together with the Read more…

Jack Rasmus: Obama and Corporate Responses to the May Jobs Report

Over the past six months this writer has been warning, in various publications and blogposts, that the job crisis in the US was not abating but rather was about to get worse.[1] This message ran directly counter to mainstream media and policymakers who had been hyping March and April employment numbers reporting average monthly job Read more…

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