Joshua Cordell

I am a Northern Canadian, if you knew there was a difference.  By Northern, I refer to the lands beyond the first one-hundred kilometres bordering USA (somewhere on the 55th parallel).  The city I was born in; Thompson Manitoba, Canada, in the heart of the Nickel Belt.  I now live in Portage La Prairie.  I have some experience in the labour movement as a shop steward.  My imagination is my key to success, and my greatest attribute.  I like playing computer games, console games, and the like.  As well, I enjoy reading, both fiction and non-, and would love to do more writing, if I could settle on a topic.  You may label me an existentialist (Nietzschean).  Right now I'm working in health care as a support worker in a transitional residence for persons who have acquired brain injuries.  My age is but 25 years, and I am male.  I think bi-lingualism is neat, and I like to read the French labeling on consumer products to pretend I'm somehow learning the language (mmm, jus d'orange).  If I can think up some more stuff, I will add or change my biography.

Joshua Cordell's

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