Jane Franklin

Historian Jane Franklin is the author of "Cuba and the United States: A Chronological History" and "Cuban Foreign Relations: A Chronology, 1959-1982." She is co-author of "Vietnam and America." Her chronology of the history of Panama is in "The U.S. Invasion of Panama." For more than two decades, she was an editor and contributing editor for "Cuba Update," the magazine of the Center for Cuban Studies in new York. In addition to the numerous articles in "Cuba Update," she has published in "The Nation," "The Progressive," "Z Magazine," and on the internet (e.g., ZNet and Progreso Weekly). Translations of some of her work have been published in several countries. She has also published poems and film reviews and has lectured extensively about Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama. She is a frequent commentator about Cuba on radio and television.


Jane Franklin's

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