Judith Levine: Should Doctors Break the Law?

As abortion bans compel them to endanger patients, some are considering civil disobedience

Judith Levine: Beyond Revenge, What Does Jane’s Revenge Want?

The attacks on anti-abortion centers express a necessary militant fury. But the conflation of militance with violence is a mistake

Judith Levine: Abortion Activists Need to Win Back the Culture Before We Can Win Back the Court

Make abortion normal again

Judith Levine: Roe Is Dead. Long Live Roe?

The first state constitutional protection of reproductive rights hints at the contradictions and fears of a divided movement

Judith Levine: Vaccine Passports Are Here to Stay. Why Worry?

The key to reanimating public life may also be the linchpin of a global surveillance network

Judith Levine: Constabulary Notes from Northern Vermont, or Why We Don’t Need the Police

People can get used to pausing before they call 911 and considering the cops, as one California organizer put it, the “last responders.”

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