Kenn Orphan: The Courage of Russian Antiwar Activists is Putting Many Western Leftists to Shame

It is laughable that there are some people who identify as left who cannot stop themselves from praising Putin as an “anti-imperialist” and thinking he is their comrade

Kenn Orphan: Thought’s on the Freedom Convoy

If there is anything to be learned from this and other demonstrations around the world, it is that the far-right is gaining momentum from the exasperation of ordinary people

Kenn Orphan: How a Battle in Nova Scotia Echoes the Global War for Our Biosphere

These battles can be won, but we must unite to fight them, and we must do it now before the madness of ecocide ends with the finality of extinction

Kenn Orphan: Censorship, the Myth of Free Data and the False Solutions on the Table

Social media has never been a free service for any of us. But it has certainly given a lot of advertisers, wealthy investors, intelligence agents and politicians a free ride

Kenn Orphan: Critical Race Theory Playing Out in Real Time

Only the ignorant or deliberately obtuse would not see how the system is set up to discriminate along racial boundaries, as well as class

Kenn Orphan: The War on Wokeness

To deny that people are, indeed, persecuted, discriminated against, or even killed for their identity alone, is the height of disconnection from the lived reality of billions of people around the world

Kenn Orphan: Humans, Nature and the Illusion of Separateness

For too long we have allowed the narrative to be dictated by the myth of our separateness and dominance over the earth and all that lives here

Kenn Orphan: The Tactics of Terror

No one should underestimate the tremendous pain a wounded giant can inflict as it falls. Its violence is unoriginal, but it will use the only tactics it knows

Kenn Orphan: As the World Burns, the Powerful Go on Holiday

There are very rich and very powerful people burning the house we all live in down to ash to make a quick buck, so we shouldn’t be surprised that they will create distractions, even deadly ones like war, to divert our attention and resources.

Kenn Orphan: To Be Hopeful in Bad Times

It bears reminding that most people of conscience do not enter into activism because it’s fun or glamorous. They don’t do it because they are saintly or because they will win either. They do it because they are forced to

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