Kevin Gosztola


Kevin Gosztola is a student at Columbia College in Chicago where he is studying film. He is a YP4 2009 Fellow and is interested in becoming more involved in progressive leadership and using media for social change.

On Columbia College's campus, he is working to create a Student Civic Collective and increase funding and resources for political and social student organizations on campus. He is working to show students how they can use arts & media for social change and is the leader of Students for Media Reform at Columbia College (SMRCC).

Kevin Gosztola is a documentary filmmaker. He is currently finishing a documentary film, "Life or Obama?", which explores how pro-life groups' and the media's focus on the Obama invitation transformed the university and students' lives from March to May 17th. He was on Notre Dame University's campus with a small crew on the weekend of the university's commencement.


Kevin Gosztola's

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