Kim Scipes

I am a long-time activist who got politicized fighting racism and white supremacy while on active duty in the US Marine Corps (1969-73). Subsequently a printer, high school teacher and office worker, I now teach sociology at Purdue University North Central in Westville, Indiana, although I live in Chicago. I am a long-time labor activist, working on both domestic and global labor issues, and have long fought the AFL-CIO's foreign policy program.  I published AFL-CIO's SECRET WAR ON DEVELOPING COUNTRY WORKERS:  SOLIDARITY OR SABOTAGE? (Lanham, MD, 2010), and details and 20% discount can be accessed at  I also have published a major study on the KMU Labor Center of the Philippines in 1996: KMU: BUILDING GENUINE TRADE UNIONISM IN THE PHILIPPINES, 1980-1994 (Quezon City, Metro Manila: New Day Publishers).

Kim Scipes's

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