Karen Nadder Lago


I became politically active while in college during the late 60s and early 70s, serving as editor of the campus paper for three of my four undergrad years. I earned a Masters in Journalism in ’73 and have been combining politics and writing ever since, actively involved as a grassroots organizer, journalist, and environmentalist for more than 3 decades.
In the late 70s, I worked with Abbie Hoffman to establish an advocacy group to protect the St. Lawrence River and his zeal and creativity in promoting our position and expanding our base of supporters rubbed off, strengthening my already resolute dedication to activism. I worked as executive director of the organization for about five years.
I earned a MLS in ‘93 and was a reference librarian for 10 years, heavily involved with the online world from maintaining computer hardware and software to creating web pages, networking, and searching databases. During my years as a librarian, I was a union steward for CSEA and a volunteer teaching reading and GED skills one-on-one to inmates at Cape Vincent Correctional Facility.
Recently I have returned to writing poetry, many of my poems still reflecting a strong progressive political perspective.

I have a husband, two daughters, one grandson, a dog, and a home on the escarpment running along the 1000 Islands area of the St. Lawrence River.

Karen Nadder Lago's

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