Kevin Young: The Real Enemy In The Middle East

U.S. media and intellectual discussions of the Arab world often express bewilderment at Arabs’ anger toward the West. Many commentators characterize that anger as an irrational, indiscriminate hostility to “Western civilization” dating back centuries and continually re-inflamed by Islamist agitators. Similar characterizations have long served to help justify Western powers’ conquest and exploitation of the Read more…

Kevin Young: The March of the Dead

  Protesters leaving Arlington Cemetery, crossing Memorial Bridge—photo from Thirty-four people were arrested on the grounds of the Capitol building on March 19 during a silent march mourning those Iraqis, Afghanis, and U.S. soldiers who have been killed during the U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Dressed in black with white plaster masks and Read more…

Kevin Young: The Effect of the U,S, Occupation of Iraq

Z MAGAZINE ONLINE-ONLY ARTICLE A primary stated justification for continuing the U.S.-led military occupation of Iraq is that a withdrawal of Western forces would result in a “bloodbath.” Without the responsible, “benevolent oversight” of the U.S.-led forces, the rhetoric goes, Islamo-fascists in Iraq would slaughter each other. Iraqis’ “propensity” for violence, hatred, and “irrationality” necessitates, Read more…

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