La Via Campesina: Key notes from the transition Ceremony of La Via Campesina’s International Secretariat

With this move to Europe, the global movement has completed the first full circle of its rotation, bringing a rich history of peasant mobilizations, struggles, and victories

La Via Campesina: Food Sovereignty, a Manifesto for the Future of Our Planet

Food Sovereignty offers a manifesto for the future, a feminist vision that embraces diversity

La Via Campesina: In defense of democracy and social, civil and political rights in Brazil

We reject the coup attempt and we defend the continuity of the mandate of President Dilma Rousseff, which was democratically earned in the polls

La Via Campesina: Call to Action in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution

Those of us who struggle for social justice, land reform, and food sovereignty consider the Bolivarian Revolution a reference for social transformation and inclusion

La Via Campesina: Rio+20: Farmers, Indigenous peoples mobilise against green capitalism and the privatisation of nature

Rio de Janeiro, June 14, 2012 — La Via Campesina — About 3000 people from around the world will mobilise to say NO to the commodification of life and nature at the "Peoples Summit for Social and Environmental Justice and in Defense of the Commons", the parallel opposition activity to the UN Conference on Sustainable Development or Rio+20. Read more…

La Via Campesina: Haitian Peasants March against Monsanto Company for Food and Seed Sovereignty

On June 4th about ten thousand Haitian peasants marched to protest U.S.-based Monsanto Company’s ‘deadly gift’ of seed to the government of Haiti. The seven-kilometer march from Papaye to Hinche—in a rural area on the central plateau—was organized by several Haitian farmers’ organizations that are proposing a development model based on food and seed sovereignty Read more…

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