Blaine New

I am 63 years old. I am from the midwest, Muncie, Indiana and lived there until I was 24 and then in 1975 went to Guam Island to teach at Voch Tech High School. Then in 1976 I went on to graduate school in Tokyo, Japan and stayed there four years studying. My Master's degree is in political science, international relations and business. I left Japan and went to Korea and taught there until 1988 and then went to Taiwan where I met my wife who is Chinese. We were divorced in 1998. I came back to the United States in 1988 and in 1989 I got my real estate license. I am retired. I recently changed by real estate license to an inactive status. Znet is my main source of information and when I fall behind I try to read the articles I have missed. Znet and reading Noam Chomsky completely changed my outlook on life sometime around 1997. I had been schooled in the Hans Morgenthau, Power Among Nations school of politics and indoctrinated during graduate school in Japan although the Japanese view of real politik was different than that taught in the U.S.. I noticed that the Marxist scholars I was reading about Asia were more accurate and mentioned many facts that I could not find elsewhere. I talked to old Americans who had been around during the early periods of the American occupation of Japan after World War II and also did the same thing in Korea and realized that a lot of what had happened in Japan and Korea had been concealed. I remember in Japan when I was 26 a Jesuit priest telling me, " Americans are the most brainwashed people in the world." I couldn't believe what he had said. "Brainwashed?" I said. Years later I chanced upon a "radical" politics bookstore in Baltimore and in a patronizing way asked the clerk "What's good?" He pointed to a book by Chomsky. I read a chapter or two at home and was devastated. I read more of Chomsky's books and I felt like everything was falling apart. I began reading a number of the books from the reader list on Znet and continued to realize that things were much worse than I had thought. Today I am surrounded by business people in my retirement and they and the people around them are so heavily indoctrinated that I do not make much of an effort to discuss things with them. Occasionally I meet a successful businessman who knows Chomsky's writings quite well. I contribute to Znet and other activists in my community and introduce Znet to people when I think it is the right time. I believe the world is on the path to coming to an end or there will be massive loss of life and property. The business men extoll the virtues of fracking to me, the travesty of Obamacare, etc., etc.. and it is hard to believe how vitriolic people with tens of millions can become. I am glad I chanced upon that "radical" bookstore and soon after came to Znet.

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