Lori Wallach: Pressure Grows on Biden to Back WTO Waiver on Vaccine Technology

More than 100 countries have supported the waiver, which they say is critical to ramp up production of vaccines, treatments and diagnostic tests in the Global South

Lori Wallach: Tariff Temper Tantrum

Trump “Created a Fake Crisis & Has Announced a Fake Solution” with Mexico

Lori Wallach: “New NAFTA”

If we don’t get members of Congress to push on the administration, the necessary labor and environmental enforcement is not going to happen, and then it’s going to be a deal we’re going to have to stop

Lori Wallach: Debating Trump’s Plan for Steel & Aluminum Tariffs

“Trade wars are good, and easy to win.” That’s the message President Trump tweeted on Friday, sending shockwaves across the globe and sparking fear of impending economic volatility. On Thursday, world stock markets tumbled after Trump announced he plans to impose new tariffs on imports of foreign steel and aluminum. The new tariffs—25 percent on Read more…

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