Michael Albert: Enough Already

Would the legendary villain Scrooge do these things?

Michael Albert: Whispering Venezuela?

Venezuela has sought a libertarian, non violent, and even participatory path more so then any other large scale project in the world

Michael Albert: Organize for Venezuela

Will the elephant that is U.S. authoritarian power win the day, week, month, year? Or will a fledgling path to better outcomes persist, grow still more, and spread still farther?

Michael Albert: Do Not Drone Me

Will anyone stop 1984 on steroids before it becomes 2015 commonplace?

Michael Albert: Fight Forward

What should be the approach of leftists, progressive, and anyone with even a smidgin of concern for those suffering economic distress in hard times?    A debate over reducing government, cutting spending, or raising taxes has no self evidently positive aspect. More government, more spending, more taxes, all sound bad to working people. In fact, Read more…

Michael Albert: Parecon as Anarcho Snake Pit: Scene Setting

Finding Unity? Anarchism says, in all life’s dimensions, reduce the exercise of power of one person or group over other people or groups to a minimum. Reject all hierarchies of power and reward whether are based on position in the economy, culture, polity, or kinship. Favor free association of informed actors exercising a self managing Read more…

Michael Albert: Judging Economic Policy

The economy is a shambles. True, from the perspective of the poor, it was also a shambles before the current crisis, but things are now so discombobulated that even stratospheric penthouses are leaking cash. Collapse beckons. Urgency dictates policy. Contending constituencies will request, demand, and even battle for changes. Policies will ensue. The question is Read more…

Michael Albert: Obama Mania?

Some things are obvious. Electing a first African American President is world historic. The electorate bending toward sanity, eloquence, and dignity, rather than a death spiral into moronic depravity is positive, too, even if mostly because the alternative is a condition of abject horror. Realignment of various voting sectors and undercutting market mania are very Read more…

Michael Albert: Parecon and Aspirations

This essays is excerpted from the Zed Press book, Realizing Hope Leftists throughout the world today, and in all past times, have sought what are actually conceptually simple outcomes: each person should be as free as all others and as able to enjoy the fruits of labor and the virtues of social engagement in an Read more…

Michael Albert: Fatalism May Be Fatal

A couple of days ago I opened the Sunday New York Times. The main headline, front page, top right, was “At many homes, more profit and less nursing.” The article was about a trend in nursing homes in Florida where private investors have cut costs to raise profits. Details followed. Florida investors gained mightily. Florida Read more…

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