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Michael Albert: Escalating Kaepernick’s Protest to Victory

How can protestors beat Trump, owners, and racist policing?

Michael Albert: RPS Backdrop

What I find myself troubled by – indeed, even more than troubled by – is that we who went through the last fifty years have been so bad at communicating useful lessons to today’s young folks

Michael Albert: Give RPS A Chance

Justin Podur interviews Michael Albert about the new book, RPS/2044

Michael Albert: Introduction to Practical Utopia

The only thing hard about getting ready to be skilled at matters of social change is that it entails arriving at and holding on to thought patterns and insights very different than what we are used to thinking and believing

Michael Albert: Participatory Economics

Developing an economic vision means trying to figure out institutions to accomplish production, consumption and allocation in ways that enlarge equity, solidarity, diversity, and self-management rather than diminishing them

Michael Albert: Practical Utopia

I recently published a new book titled Practical Utopia with PM Press who I thank for accepting it and doing such a nice job of producing it. I just received my advance copies in the mail. Noam Chomsky did the preface and had this to say in it: “It is true that ‘the new cannot Read more…

Michael Albert: Taking Stock

If we don’t take stock, it would be pure luck to do better and we will more likely repeat the same dismal pattern of courageously and wisely struggling but not winning

Michael Albert: Why Make Believe?

Miguel Guevara: Michael, you are writing a book titled RPS/2044. What kind of weird title is that? Michael Albert: 2044 refers to the year. RPS stands for Revolution for a Participatory Society which is the name of a political organization. The book is an oral history of the next quarter century, which the subtitle will Read more…

Michael Albert: Anti-Trump: Two Movements, Many Tendencies

we need to find ways to navigate toward solidarity and mutual aid among contending perspectives

Michael Albert: Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…

Is finding fault with ourselves more painful than spinning nightmare scenarios of Trumpian apocalypse?

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