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Michael Albert: Old SDSers, New DSAers, and Trump vs. Biden

In a recent letter a group of old SDSers hoped to engage some young critics of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden. Those critics actually ought to be mightily commended for many of their analyses, insights, actions, intuitions, and feelings. For example, the critics are correct that Biden is a tribune of power and wealth Read more…

Michael Albert: Who Knows?

So yesterday afternoon, I had no idea what the onset of Covid-19 would be like. I may still have no idea. Who knows? But in a span of a few hours I went from doing just fine, if we ignore peculiarly bouncing from room to room, to feeling pains through the right side of my Read more…

Michael Albert: Surviving and Going Beyond

Wise folks now realize The Virus is going to cause countries to wind up moving either hard right with fascistic racism, authoritarianism, lies, and manipulation in the saddle, or moving seriously left with militant, angry, honest, and anti corporate pro change leftism rising. Which will it be, and if the later, how far can it Read more…

Michael Albert: Music for You

Listening to whatever moves, informs, and also pleases you ear may aid living better in all times and especially in our times

Michael Albert: Hard Rain, Falling

Infection spreads, pontification too. Some is smart and helpful, some is disgusting. With all the interruptions of so-called normality, have you noticed that fundraising to your inbox is interminable? And are you suddenly seeing ads for devices that will make work at home not only easier, but fun? Ain’t greed grand? More, in the now Read more…

Michael Albert: No Surrender

Could Sanders soon lose any chance of becoming the nominee? Sure. Could Biden become the nominee and then lose to Trump. Sure. Even if Biden beats Trump, will his presidency usher in great benefits, beyond removing Trump (which is certainly an essential step). Not a chance. For that matter, if the Democratic Party implodes because Read more…

Michael Albert: Bernie’s Answers

I find myself powerfully moved and inspired by Bernie Sanders and the movement to elect him the next President of the U.S. I don’t only want Trump to lose, an existential need that we all ought to feel. I want Sanders to win, an aspirational desire that we all ought to have. Sanders has already Read more…

Michael Albert: Debate and Vituperation

[This is a transcript of Episode 58 of the Podcast titled RevolutionZ.] Recently nine long-time progressive/revolutionary activists — myself, Noam Chomsky, Kathy Kelly, Ron Daniels, Leslie Cagan, Norman Solomon, Cynthia Peters, Bill Fletcher, and Barbara Ehrenreich — co-signed an open letter to the Green Party about campaign strategy in swing states. The letter had two Read more…

Michael Albert: Lesser Evil and Independent Left!

First, thanks to Howie Hawkins, not for myself or for the nine signers, but I would say for the whole left writ large, for concluding his recent entry in the election strategy debate – “Lesser Evil or Independent Left” – with a call to engage as allies and not as enemies. Hopefully his appeal for Read more…

Michael Albert: Responding to Jack Rasmus 2

Jack Rasmus says that I “engaged in quote by quote commentary,” but he won’t “bother readers with a detailed ‘he said she said’ response.” Instead he ignored almost everything I said, whereas I addressed everything he said. Rasmus adds “what bothered [him] most about the Open Letter is that despite all its clever intellectual nuancing, Read more…

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