Manuel Perez Rocha: Democratic Progress in Honduras, Setbacks in El Salvador

The last decade saw democratization in El Salvador and brutal repression in Honduras. Suddenly, those trends appear to have reversed

Manuel Perez Rocha: Excessive Corporate Power is a Root Cause of Migration

Under U.S. trade agreements, corporations are suing developing country governments for sums that far outstrip the value of humanitarian aid

Manuel Perez Rocha: Corporate Lawsuits Could Devastate Poor Countries Grappling with Covid-19

Wealthy corporations may use trade courts to keep public health measures from cutting into their profits

Manuel Perez Rocha: Trump’s Mexico Tariffs: A ‘Foolish’ Policy

There are basic calculations that indicate that the cost of one of Trump’s planned tariffs to Mexico will be paid basically by U.S. citizens. Some say that some households might end up paying as much as $600-800 in the raised costs

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