Marcus Hil

I'm somewhere around 25yrs old--born and raised on the central coast of California.  Finished a Masters degree in an unconvincing Public Health program in 2008, and am currently working on starting a non-profit focusing specifically on participatory community projects. My political history is more a reflection of life experience, so it's difficult to summarize. I attended Z Media Institute in 2007 and was able to construct a pretty functional framework out of the experience--layering many of my political inclinations with more constructive, actionable, and growth-oriented vision. My priorities are broad in that I largely embrace the multi-issue, -focus, -tactic, growth-oriented radical perspective of pursuing a participatory society.  In terms of public health, I believe personal health cannot be separated from community health, which in turn cannot be separated from environmental health, so I see health in general as directly linked to radical social change.

Marcus Hil's

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