Marta Russell: Government Example Setting Not Enough

Marta Russell Despite a growing economy and a 29-year low official unemployment rate, potential workers with disabilities remain chronically unemployed. Nine years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), national employment surveys show no real statistical gain in employment for people with disabilities, rather, the unemployment rate remains at 70 percent, with Read more…

Marta Russell: The Private Health Care Juggernaut Needs Jilting

Marta Russell Presidential hopeful Bill Bradley has placed health care reform on the national agenda as well it should be. However, the Bradley plan does not go far enough to resolve real need and it protects the insurance industry – the very culprit which is undermining access to quality health care in the nation. Bradley’s Read more…

Marta Russell: George W. Bush Y2000?

Marta Russell In his "new" fight against poverty, Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush says he will issue a call to America’s "armies of compassion" to end poverty, hunger, welfare and crime by donating to charity. The political goal of compassionate conservatism is to separate George W. from the now unpopular politics of Newt Gingrich. Read more…

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