Matthew Green

My name is Matthew. I am a university graduate with a B.A. in history and I am into radical progressive politics. I consider myself an anarchist because I believe that anarch-"ism" is best consistent with Secular Humanism. I believe that Secular Humanism teaches basic values of equity, solidarity, diversity, tolerance, and responsibility and that these values are best reflected in the anarchist tradition of libertarian-socialism. I believe that, currently, the best model of libertarian-socialism is "Participatory Economics". I believe that it is the capitalists that shoulder the burden of proof in terms of the economic hierarchies that market capitalism generates. I am also an atheist/philosopical naturalist. I believe that we live an a orderly and eternal cosmos and there is no need or room for anything that transcends the cosmos. An eternal, orderly cosmos (whether it\'s a single "universe" or a "multiverse") with rational human beings who are devoted to Humanist social values and who find meaning in life through social relationships with others who share their values is what it means to me to have a very fulfilling life of meaning, hope, joy, and wonder!My goal is to become a biblical scholar. I am hoping to enroll in graduate school and obtain a Ph.D. in biblical studies. I hope to help educate other people on the origins and evolution of the Bible and of Abrahamic religions. This is my chief fascination on life and I hope to make it my life\'s goal and focus. As for my personal life, I enjoy reading, writing, watching DVDS, chatting with friends in real life and on my computer. I like anything romantic, I tend to be opposed to the idea of "marriage" and as of this writing, I am single.Matthew

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