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Michael Horvitz- Bio & Background Born in 1953 during a blizzard in the famous [Herman Melville] whaling port of New Bedford, Mass. Family moved to San Diego later that year, with little or no whaling experience Spent much of my childhood reading comic books, playing ball with my brothers and friends, and going down into the canyons to catch snakes and lizards, the latter a status symbol among a very esoteric group of boys. Wanted to be a doctor, quite willingly and in accordance with my Grandma’s wishes. Took up piano at age 10.  Mostly played popular pieces from sheet music of the ‘40s which my mother had collected.  She would sing along while I played, which pleased me.  Later, I began to play classical pieces, especially enjoying Debussy, Chopin, Beethoven and Mozart. Changed my interest to the sciences [especially astronomy] after great classroom experiences with my 8th-grade science teacher [Mr. Jack Beverly]. Changed my interests to biology after great and interesting classroom experiences with my 11th- & 12th- grade science teacher [Mr. George Jones]. Studied Zoology at SDSU under a very fine and influential professor [Dr. Jason Lillegraven]. Worked in my father’s income tax office along with two of my brothers while going through college.  Learned invaluable things at work and from my father about people’s natures, especially in relation to their personal economics. I had perhaps the greatest experiences of my young life in college, particularly upon meeting a literature professor [Gerald “Joe” Butler] whom I became close with for many years.  Although I was a Zoology major, I attended many of his classes, especially in British Literature, and also such classes as “Aesthetics of the Novel,” etc.  Butler’s brilliance of vision and understanding, along with his friendship and mentoring, created an intellectual environment that I’d never experienced before or since.  Not only did he bring the great novels to life, but helped me and other students understand what was in those great works that we could connect-up with our own lives in meaningful, enlightening and sometimes even troubling ways.  I didn’t lose my interest in the sciences, rather I eagerly and happily included this new interest in my life.  It was exciting to discover that the humanities could be of invaluable help in understanding the world in a manner that could parallel or perhaps even surpass what the sciences could do.  I always looked forward to attending his classes in which the discussions would “demonstrate where and how the novels lead to illumination of aspects of human experience not fully understood before.” [As he has described it.]   Graduated in 1976, with honors and distinction, BSc. Zoology, SDSU. Continued working in the tax office.  Passed Enrolled Agent exam in 1987.  [Have had some clients coming for over 35 years now.] [ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michael-horvitz/15/980/891 ] Daughter Anna born 1980, son David born 1988.  David & Anna work with me off and on in the tax office, which makes me very happy.  Have three fine brothers and many wonderful nieces and nephews. Started writing poetry and short stories in the ‘80s, but not seriously until the past decade or so.  Some of my work appears in San DiegoPoetry Annual 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, & 2012-13.  (And, because of Seretta Martin, Bill Harding and Eileen Wingard I've had the opportunity to be a featured poet at Barnes & Noble, Upstart Crow (New Alchemy Poetry), Stars at the Star (Star of the Sea Room by the harbor), and the JCC in San Diego.) http://sandiegopoetryannual.com/2011-12-poetspoems-list/    -  http://www.sdjewishworld.com/2011/01/31/poets-share-at-lawrence-family-jcc-and-on-our-website/  -  Love and Poetryhttp://PoetOfTheHeart.com/ Met the love of my life, Carole Marks [Carole Alhadeff ], of Zimbabwe [Southern Rhodesia], in the spring of 2005.  I consider this the most fortuitous and wonderful thing that has happened to me.  Prior to this, I wasn’t able to fully understand how one could have great happiness in a love relationship.  Along with the happiness and fulfillment she has brought to my life has come a greater awareness of my own self, of others, and of many aspects of the relationships between individuals.  Now, the important things which I valued in my life I value all the more, and those things which I ought to have valued more have since gained greater value to me.  She has been my muse, my inspiration, and an invaluable critic, and I feel that my writing has changed for the better since I have been with her.  I have been inspired to write many love poems for her, and expect to do so for the rest of my life...assuming I live that long. *** Poetry, for me, comes out of meaningful relationships and experiences with people and things; things of both the human-made world and the Natural world: the sky, canyons, trees, vegetable gardens, old chairs, wild creatures of which one may catch a lucky glimpse, or domesticated creatures with which one can form a loving connection.  But most of all, it’s my connections with the people I care about that bring meaning to my life and work, and that is why I have talked about them in this brief piece.

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