Mike Ferner: There Is No “Fixing” This Industry

Nothing changes until people start talking about it and that’s exactly what our group is provoking

Mike Ferner: Hold On to That Fear

A letter to Congresspersons and Senators

Mike Ferner: Love in a Dangerous Time

If we can expand our consciousness and compassion, we can begin to comprehend our government’s behavior in the world and come out of this pandemic demanding to be better members of the human family

Mike Ferner: Another Empire’s Boot Stomps On Ireland

Can a pair of U.S. military veterans and the Irish peace movement topple a key outpost of the American Empire entrenched on the Emerald Isle?

Mike Ferner: Lake Waits for People to Wake

A rare, hybrid environmental campaign is underway to save a great lake – in fact, a Great Lake – Erie

Mike Ferner: Veterans’ Group Says “No” to Emmy for PBS Vietnam War Series

A national veterans’ organization is weighing in on this year’s Emmy awards with a full-page ad in Variety, saying Ken Burns and Lynne Novick’s “Vietnam War” series does not deserve a “Best Documentary” award

Mike Ferner: Toledo, Ohio, Sips of Life in Iraq

The three decade-long calamity crushing the people of Iraq is everywhere, all the time

Mike Ferner: And What Do We Do Now?

If we choose to work for greater democracy, we will begin to see the public interest prevail over the private

Mike Ferner: Democracy Is Coming… To The U.S.A.!

When Judge Debbie O’Dell-Seneca, recently directed a corporate “fracking” combine in Western Pennsylvania to unseal the terms of a settlement with citizen-plaintiffs, she struck a clear blow for the public’s right to know. But far beyond the borders of Washington County PA, her ruling is being celebrated by a national movement working to reverse 127 Read more…

Mike Ferner: Peace Movement Drones On and On: Wisdom from the USS Kitty Hawk

During the Vietnam war, there was a vibrant, courageous resistance movement within the military itself. Young men and some women did anything they could to end the killing. They demonstrated, sabotaged military equipment, and fragged their officers. They also published dozens of underground newspapers, one of which was put out by the crew of the Read more…

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