Miroslav Durmov


Miroslav Durmov was born in 1954 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He has graduated from Technical University of Dresden-Germany (MA in Psychology) and obtained his PhD degree in law in Bulgaria. Dr. Durmov has worked on high level executive positions for the government administration until 1988 when he joined the dissident movement. In the first free elections in 1990 he has been elected as a Member of the 7th Constitutional Assembly, reelected to the 36thParliament of Bulgaria and he has served as Deputy Chairman of the National Security Committee. In the 37th Parliament Miroslav Durmov has been appointed as Chief National Security Advisor of the Bulgarian Parliament. After being put on the Black List by the returning to power nomenclature and completely disappointed by the manipulative character of the "transition", in 2003 he immigrated to the United States where he lives with his family. His new life in America could be described as a permanent struggle to keep the balance between meaning and survival.








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