Theodore Johnson

I am currently living in Duluth, MN, USA, my home for the past 8 years on and off. My partner and love Angela and I just welcomed our first child, Berlin, to the world. I attended and graduated from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2006 with a B.A. in history with an emphasis on the classical civilizations of the Mediterranean 'world' and German Studies.  After gaining my degree I moved to Buenos Aires Argentina where I lived and worked for the year of 2007.  Ostensibly I went to Buenos Aires to teach English and work on my Spanish, but ended up becoming involved with the MST party (Movimiento Socialista Trabajadores) and experienced a social and political awakening.  It was during my time there that I was first introduced to the works and ideas of Trotsky and Lenin and that I experienced and witnessed the a wave of popular empowerment sweeping through the region.  It was also where I got my first taste of community organization and militant agitation.  I returned to the US a very different person from when I left, as if I was seeing the world through new eyes.  I have spent the past three years engaging in studies in a range of disciplines and topics from history, political economy, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, language and religion. The past couple years has been incredible as it has seen Angela come into my life and the growth of our new family.  They are my world.

Theodore Johnson's

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