Oliver Kearns: Côte d’Ivoire, Libya and the ‘Arab Spring’

How are conflicts in different parts of the African continent being related to each other by the press? How does the media square its talk of an 'Arab Spring' with the reality of large African-identifying populations being involved or caught in revolts against their governments? A great way of illustrating the problem with the 'Arab Read more…

Oliver Kearns: Polarising the debate over Rwanda

René Lemarchand recently summed up the problem very well: “Few events in history are more subject to controversy than the mass killings commonly designated as genocide. This is hardly surprising considering the lack of anything like a consensus of scholarly opinion about the precise meaning of the term, the different interpretations of the phenomenon offered Read more…

Oliver Kearns: University cuts are a neoliberal smokescreen

As Scottish students leave university for the summer holidays, many will be wondering if their courses will still be around when they return in the autumn. Staff and students at British universities have been hit hard over the last few months with announcements of budget cuts. English universities received widespread coverage earlier in the year Read more…

Oliver Kearns: Attacks on education: crude and subtle methods

All across the UK, students are up in arms. At last count, twenty-eight British universities have seen student occupations of university buildings over the last few weeks, largely in protest at Israel’s recent bombing and land invasion of Gaza. Student groups have been making similar demands across the board: that their respective universities show practical Read more…

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