Paul Burrows

I am an activist and writer based in Winnipeg, Canada. In 1995, I helped found Winnipeg's Old Market Autonomous Zone (, as well as Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House (, institutions -- inspired by participatory economics and anarchism -- which have become focal points of activism in Winnipeg. More recently (in 2007), I helped start up the Rudolf Rocker Cultural Centre (, a collectively-run gallery and multi-purpose venue for social, political, and cultural events of interest to the anarchist, activist, and wider Winnipeg communities.My articles on participatory economics, Palestine-Israel, and other issues have appeared in ZNet, Electronic Intifada,, Upping the Anti, New Socialist, and elsewhere. An article on "Participatory Economics & Workers' Self-Management: Reflections on Winnipeg's Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee House Collective" appeared in the anthology edited by Chris Spannos entitled Real Utopia: Participatory Society for the 21st Century (AK Press, 2008).I am currently finishing a Ph.D in History at the U of Saskatchewan, with a primary focus on indigenous history and resistance, treaties, and settler-colonialism.  My M.A. thesis was titled "As She Shall Deem Just: Treaty 1 & the Ethnic Cleansing of the St. Peter's Reserve" -- merely the tip of the iceberg in terms of Canada's shameful history of ethnic cleansing, apartheid, and genocide.I have a five year old son named Asher, who is near-certain proof of humanity's innate tendency towards anarchism.  If I ever find the time, I hope to write more for ZNet ....

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