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        ...born in NYc, raised in san-Fran by age-3, became outdoors oriented by age-5; made headway @ R-Flats & nev-Testsite by age-22; graduate of The Colorado College, where I hiked Pikes Peak 16 times (13 differing routes) started grad-Studies @ UC Berkeley-between sophomore & Jr. years @ CC, attending UC Davis, Cal State Hayward, DU (little-D: denver) & four art-Schools for remediation-Studies in fine Arts; two years of trade-Correspondence with industrial-Resources (metals) geographically locating in Frisco CO; study of World Geography and continental-Ecology in Geography, but w resource-Research in nuclear-Molecularism —thru National Geographic Society auspice and independent-Journalism. I grew-Up in the beat-Bohemia circs of Sausalito, Berkeley-Oakland and san-Francisco, as a hipstir, focused to the rationalism of knowledge w adjunct centered in the arts.

       I started public-Readings of my poetry, age-15, w peers, rather than focusing on playwriting, finding that social-Impact of nuclear-Weapons will not be passé, because of the overburdening “conditionalism”. I have continued since April 7th 1967 w those correlations of social-Responsibility & social-Justice. First @ the flagpole being “righteous” on campus, under-Grad then as grad-Studies: student, followed as a peace-Keepor in Telegraph area of Berkeley 1969-1973. The needs for human-Rights dictums was rifeness. One can do non-Violence that does not abrogate "pro-Reduction methods of nuclear-Stockpile on 24/7 alert". My introspection of Life went headlong w in-person study: Alan Watts, and readings of Aldous Huxley, Bertrand Russell, George Santayana, Hegel, Jean-Paul Sartre, James Dickey (others)--into that parvenue of the American:  philosophical-Domain, and learned much of "what are known-Constants" of scientific-Knowledge. and (onto the dotings of) Allen Ginsberg: poetic, activist, meditative in a Zen basic world. What has been seen clearly, the scene opened into the miasma of what was heard w.o. propaganda-Methods in obliqueness, nor resplendent excess, what is nuclear-Aegis and nuclear-Animosity, what remains focus as purpose pertaining to boomer-Generation, as well as all aspects of humanity remiss commutatively adjunct! The latter started in 1950, san-Fran and the wharves—the cool ‘scene’!

            I have had a full 20 Arts-exhibits and a once-in-a-Lifetime experience of having lived on 15 indigenous-Lands as their guest—oftentimes in social-group, who may have understood those who have had psycho-Therapy make close social idenity. As of this dateline, two copywritten werks--first in 1991, the latest to be sent when editing becomes replete (about March 2009)! I find American women somewhat digressive in social-Nature, not as outgoing as they may need nor want to be hovers less close the integrative needs! I’ve been close to women’s Rights, and feminists, however, I have also connoted the standard of living digression sidelight, as an anathema worthy of deep-Thought or abidance to "existence-Philosophy". The cognizance of recognizing the self-Self commands my maintaining my Consciousness. I’ve found what negates American-Life, but I’ve not been located by a strong woman, who can bend some branches for my articulations much or in nonesuch manner-of-Exchange. Another exuberance in sharing life w 1,000’s of others is that I've met 100's of u-S authors, lived outdoors for over 27 years, and sought "human-Rights" as a template for peace thru non-Violence, poetry, discussion, reading and Thought. Where power-Politics may be attesting the weaknesses of governance, why both writing and the arts are not paranoic exchanges of a professionalism, is that non-opposing social-Identity may consummate a lividly expressive "life" in a manner ofculture.

             I've become a legend twice, too! And, I've a small library that makes being a mountain-Person capable of withstanding the slights to forests and sage-Expanses of-the-West, a medium for litany in progress. My insights have caused me great-Alarem, since age-Seven, however, when meeting other professionals as a youth, they did take me “in”. For instance, when I met Ansel Adams first started to instruct me, Robinson Jeffers, at age-8 and Prof. Sam (san-Fran State/longer story) took hand in age-Relation technics! Was this epoch-Making or episodic social-Extrapolation only “relative”, or the Ecology needs. Travel and travail became protest and because in travel there was 'holywood' sharing, or formulatively "travel-Travail" as well as National Geography Society and not being paid for my chosen-Inputs I.e. journalism, non-Guild, acting poetics ‘n Philosophy discourse. I was at a loss to over-Specialize until 1977, when I felt my writings were read and understood, not only slobber-Writings of phenomenology or Existentialism! My travel-Travail started in 1963 and entered a multiple of eco-Zone schema: world-Travel, all continents continuation that serves as hosts for what I am partial in my writings continuing...then onto 1999.

            While I started the turn-Around: computers, blogs, essays & writings, and other stays from irresponsibility—I had realized many times that the bomB is ubiquitous, but woman-Kind is not—I felt writing and introspection of shared gender-Endemics was not of your own doings, rather a naught by Pentagons and the military Hegemony that keeps maintaining a sinecure of introspection is not useful in “the new-Rome” world of the whole sordid: social-Diaspora mess, one that they’ve specifically been graphically inadept for ‘defense’ wholly!

             The word “righteous” was added to my nickname of R-A from grade school age, while in the deep-South in 1969, experiencing afro-Amers civil-Rights, and tryin’ to explain human-Rights for amer-Artists. Altho the visualist interpretation struck accord, the nickname was thought curt. Thus I became capital-R in double-Quotes: “R”. Astutely, or not, I dropped the much mispronounced second surname, becauseI am activist w two sole-Survivor surnames--thank you!

\\\\R\\\ Addison\'s

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