Peter Bolton: The BBC finally admits that Jeremy Corbyn is not an antisemite

The purpose of the campaign was straightforward – they sought to derail his chances of becoming prime minister and distract attention from his (widely popular) policy proposals

Peter Bolton: Washington’s Weaponization of Protests in Cuba

Any change to Cuba’s political and economic system and constitutional set-up must come exclusively from the Cuban people themselves – not from the outside

Peter Bolton: US and Brazil: The Creeping Fascism of Both Governments

Trump sayinh he doesn’t want to be “beholden to courts,” represents a full-frontal assault on judicial independence and, by extension, the rule of law

Peter Bolton: It’s Time that Guaidó Recognize that Regime Change has Failed

To witness the growing cracks in the coup plotters’ strategy, one need only to observe Guaidó’s own increasingly desperate antics

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