Peter Pan

My name is Peter and I'm from Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently I'm in the middle of my master in Economics.I'm part of the Indymedia Bulgaria editorial collective since its begining in 2004/2005.In August 2005 I was part of the organizing group of the first "No Border" Camp between Bulgaria, Greece and Macedonia which took place in in the village of Kljuch and in Xanthi between 22nd and 28th of August.In June 2009 and 2010 I helped in the organization of the 2nd and 3rd Gay Pride Parade in Sofia.I'm also involved in the "Free Fest initiative" ("Really Really Free Market") as a way of giving a practical example of Gift economy.In the spring of 2009 I and some other people around Indymedia Bulgaria started a project for developing strategies and visions for a life after capitalism in Bulgaria. You can contact the collective at: contact(at) (and also via our website The first book form the project will be released in the end of September 2010. The book collects the best articles, published on the website in the first one year of it's existance. It's going to be titled "Asking We Walk" and will include blurbs from Michael Albert, Noam Chomsky, Chris Spannos and Takis Fotopoulos.I'm involved also in the network of PGA (Peoples' Global Action) and in the "Balkan Decentralized Network" initiative.

Peter Pan's

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