Peter Ward

Born San Diego, CA 16 July 1982 to a Navy Surgeon, fmr. SEAL and Vietnam veteran  and a horse-riding house wife. Lived in Naples until aged two, my father working at the US Naval base in notorious Italian city. My only sibling, my younger brother, was born in Naples in 1984 (infuriatingly he refuses to take advantage of Italian citizenship!).

In 1984, at the end of his Naples tour, my father quit Navy, retuned to the US and whent into private medical practice. Our family lived for one year in Libby, MT, a town now nationally famous as being currently the largest Superfund site in the country do to heavy vermiculite contamination.

Moved to rural Nevada, near the gold-mining town of Elko (of one of the mines, Barrick Goldstrike, George HW Bush has a major stake), where my father realized his lifelong dream of living on a Ranch and owning cattle. Remained in Elko throughout primary and high school.

Studied for a BA in film for one and a half years at Montana State University, Bozeman, MT. It was here that my political awakening began, thanks in large measure to my dorm neighbor and for the duration of my studies very close friend  Jordan Karr-Morse as well as the most remarkable professor of my educational experience (and the only academic lecturer I didn't regard as a complete fraud), Walter Metz (both with [at the time] leftist inclinations of the Leninist--anti-democratic--variety).

Started what was meant to be a semester abroad at Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Applied for a transfer, was accepted and there remained for the completion of my degree. Once again someone I was living with, Lebanese student Samer Ki Albea [check sp—ed], had political influence. In this case for bringing to my attention the reality of Israeli politics (previously I'd assumed Israel to be a secular democratic country harried by religions extremists in the regions surrounding it).

Suffering from severe depression and anxiety (as described in "On Loneliness" [other essays hopefully to follow--ed]), I returned to the US in fall of 2006 and lived  with my brother where he was studying in Reno, NV. Sought treatment for both maladies and in the process came to the conclusion  medicine is still in the dark ages regarding metal health. That psychologists are quacks and psychiatrists drug-pushers for Big-pharma (I very much appreciated le Carre's Constant Gardener at this time). At this time, I also terminated my friendship with JKM believing he had matured into a conceited asshole (an opinion I hold to this day), a fact I told him to his face receiving roughly the response I was being soppy girl.

In Winter of 2007, largely recovered from anxiety and depression (as much as I believe I ever will be, i.e.) moved to Brooklyn, NY. After 9 months was offered a job selling video cameras at B&H, the Chasidic run photo superstore.

Am currently residing (by coincidence) in the Chasidic part of Williamsburg.



Currently selling video cameras at B&H, the world's largest photographic retailer, where I consistently receive good customer feedback and rate highly in performance reviews. Position held  for over a year.

Previous experience includes, retail and janitorial work, film crew and television work in various roles, from PA to the Producer on Spike TV's "Bullrun" to, most recently, camera trainee on the Russian feature "Casualty", to ranch work tending cattle in Nevada as a teenager.

Skills include: NLE editing and post production using OSX-based applications, particularly Apple Studio 2, Adobe After Effects CS3, Squared 5 MPEG Streamclip and Flash CS2. In addition, have worked with just about every commonly used codec, including AVCHD, AVC H.264, HDV, DVCPRO HD, DV, among others. Moderate web desgin skills, including understating of the logic HTML with enough fluency to create basic sites in a text editor as well as operation of, including publishing, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3. And design skills including a working knowledge of Photoshop CS3 and Indesign CS.

BA Honors in Photograhpy, Film and Imaging from Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland; class of 2006. High school diploma from Spring Creek High School, Spring Creek, Nevada; class of 2000.

Other skills including film writing: have recently had a Sci Fi feature script considered by a production company (ultimately to be turned down do to the budged requirements). Writing samples in lengths from one page to 130 pages may be provided if deemed relevant. Additionally, have very good academic, technical and theoretical, writing skills.

Finally, have extensive experience in film and video production and can operate numerous pieces of equipment, including HD video cameras, super 16 movie cameras, lights, camera support such as a spider dolly and audio field recording equipment.

Other objectives, besides career aspirations stated above, include, short-term, the establishment of a small video production company with two work colleges and, long-term, to write several commercial features screenplays that get produced (assuming the genera endures).  

Personal details: born 16 July 1982, have clean Nevada class C driving license and marital status is single.

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