Peter Ward: On the Legitimate Roles of Philosophy Today

I think the problem with philosophy (and many others things) is that it’s illegitimately divorced from any kind of activity. It arrogates itself to a position second only to God. And I think today, philosophers have exploded each others arguments over the years, they much of their work is simply an apology for their existence. Read more…

Peter Ward: Serious Discourse or Gossip?

A constant source of frustration I have with the left, exemplified by the following LBO-Talk post by Doug Henwood (received by hotmail yesterday and presented unredacted): The anguish of the right-wing intellectualA few postscripts to yesterday’s post about the intellectual devolution on the right. I should have noted that several conservative intellectuals have expressed some Read more…

Peter Ward: How Capitalism Feels in the Head

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Peter Ward: Limits of the Constitution

A lot is made of supposedly restoring the constitution, but it sees to me there is a confusion at the heart of the discussion. I believe the constitutional laws (at least as they are popularly interpreted) are failing. There is no question that the limited form democracy that has been the legacy of the ‘Founding Read more…

Peter Ward: A Job That Slowly Kills You

I can understand the sentiment expressed in “Fight Club”: take a sledgehammer to the fucked-up world and blow shit up. While this is not constructive solution, not a solution in any meaningful sense, this is exactly what the future has in store as more and more, especially in the middle-class, become fed up with the Read more…

Peter Ward: “Jurassic Park: the Lost Screenplay”

I just finished reading Michael Crichton’s draft of Jurassic Park the movie [ed–written 06/26/07].* Thematically it is much stronger than David Koepp’s version, a later draft and the one that got made, in at least one respect: the commercialization of science. Throughout this version Hammond shows not even a token concern for the safety of Read more…

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