Brian Small

  I'd like to win social change, realized that from reading Noam Chomsky books, finding Znet and plowing through Michael Albert's appeals for the last ten years or so. I had never really thougt about corporations until an exchange with Michael Albert in the Zforums long ago. I come from a family of plumbers (and teachers and bricklayers and nurses ..)  in Pennsylvania, live in Japan (a laid back part) now. Too busy with work and family to be as active as I'd like be.. I am a Graded Direct Method teacher of English ( I.A. Richards made teaching English as a New Language worthwhile in 1945 with English Through Pictures( Book 3 came out in 1957 an is the core of a Liberal Arts Education using 1000-word vocabulary. You teach and learn with "intellectual rectitude" when using GDM/EP. I use free software. I thinkemacs org-mode and lisp help train my brain. I like gnu social's quitter and, and Diaspora too.

Brian Small's

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