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  I'd like to win social change, realized that from reading Noam Chomsky books, finding Znet and plowing through Michael Albert's appeals for the last ten years or so. I had never really thougt about corporations until an exchange with Michael Albert in the Zforums long ago. I come from a family of plumbers (and teachers and bricklayers and nurses ..)  in Pennsylvania, live in Japan (a laid back part) now. Too busy with work and family to be as active as I should be, I'd love to be part of a pareconnish institution.......  Still thinking on an appropriate biography..   I just started Tree Climbing recently. There were a lot of reasons but one was being impressed with the local surfers energy for protecting the coastline and environment here in Miyazaki. IWill  it be possible to get people into the forest with an activity and build a similar culture? And spending time under tree  is just fun stress relief - you notice the climate more while avoiding sunburn... I've been doing worm boxes with all our kitchen wastes for the last couple years, it's an individual action now but has potential to organize communities into a worthwhile activity while raising awareness about the dioxin dangers of Japan's innumerable incinerators.    As an offshoot of Tree Climbing I'm into ropework now too. It's empowering to never be at a loss in front of a clothesline or loaded truck, not to mention to be able to haul yourself safely up a few dozen feet. Especially with kids and students it's nice to have something concrete you can do instead of just being immersed in little media screens all the time.    The picture is from a group hike up a stream to see beautiful and as of yet unadvertised waterfalls in Miyazaki. This Prefecture could rival the World Heritage Site in Yakushima with a little effort - but no one seems to pay attention to anything unless it's in a tourist guidebook. Of course that makes you particularly happy to find someone who's been there and wants to share the trip with you. It's a new trip each time, different weather, you notice new things...

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