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Like many, I was exposed to different views and methods of understanding the world through the works of writers such as: Howard Zinn, Michael Albert and Noam Chomsky. Reading them provided me with a rich bibliography that led me to the writers that influenced them. As a teenager I read Orwell, Rocker, Russell, Kropotkin, Goldman and others ... I was fascinated with the rich history, while also, being morally offended at the stifling intellectual culture around me. I participated in a lot of direct political action during that time, landing myself in jail at one point, and toned down a lot by college. It was there that I studied more economics and philosophy. Ending up with a major in philosophy, I was becoming very interested in studies of human nature and the rationalist tradition. Against my better judgment at the time, and owing to a pragmatic belief, I attended the City University of New York Law, hoping that I could train as a labor and employment lawyer, so as to have a living, while also staying active in the movement. The university was very liberal and I met many socially conscious people, but became disaffected by the bureaucracy and ineptness of the legal system and, as I was becoming more serious as a writer, I knew by my second year that I was not going to purse any sort of legal career once finished. Having graduated last year, I currently freelance while enjoying my time as an emerging writer. I'm also planning on going back to school to study cognitive science.

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