Rod Driver: The Violence of Colonialism and the Exploitation of Africa

Many African nations are ruled by leaders backed by the US, Britain or France, or constrained by IMF/World Bank/WTO policies

Rod Driver: The Crimes of the Pharmaceutical Industry

The mainstream media rarely challenge the patent system, or discuss the scale of fraud by the industry, or explain that medicines could be researched and produced far more cheaply by other means

Rod Driver: The Problems With Patents

Controlling Knowledge to Extract Wealth

Rod Driver: The Illusion of US and British Government Aid

Conditions on aid are used to change economic policies in poor countries to enable rich countries to exploit them

Rod Driver: Enforcing US Exploitation: The IMF and the World Bank

Rich countries, particularly the US, dominate the IMF and World Bank, and use them to manipulate developing countries so that their corporations can dominate trade

Rod Driver: How the Rich Keep Workers Poor – Outsourcing and Sweatshops

Sweatshops are widespread. We could insist upon much higher standards all over the world for goods sold in rich countries

Rod Driver: Keeping Poor Countries Poor: The Absurdity of Comparative Advantage

Poor countries are told to focus on labor-intensive tasks and growing crops for export. This is intended to keep them poor

Rod Driver: Shock Therapy: How Austerity and Privatization Destroy Nations

Politicians from rich countries have tried to forcefully ‘persuade’ other countries to use an extreme economic system with few public services and very little regulation of big companies

Rod Driver: State of the world – Poverty is Widespread

There is huge poverty around the world, because people with power are actively keeping it that way

Rod Driver: Debt as a Weapon to Exploit Other Countries

“The total amount of third world debt has already been repaid six times over in interest”

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