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I'm Roz and I was born in southwestern Ontario where I grew up in a working-class, rural family. During much of my school life I was in a "programme for the gifted", but tended only to go to school when it was completely unavoidable. My real interest when I was younger was sports. In highschool I edited the school paper until I was formally banned and the principal threatened to have me thrown in jail.

After highschool, I left for Europe and ended up in Germany. I learned German (of which I previously had known not a word), studied law and passed the First Bar Exam several years later. It was not an entirely enjoyable ordeal, but to give credit where credit is due, the education was first-rate and cost a grand total of about 200 Euros a year. I also had the opportunity to work for years as an undergraduate assistant at the university. My area of expertise is public international law, but I also enjoy asylum/immigration law and constitutional law. Shortly after I finished my bar exam I moved to Ireland. At the moment, I'm writing my PhD thesis under the working title "Democracy and International Law". I also write legal articles and give seminars (since it comes with the territory).

I wrote my first book ISAK while I was supposed to be studying for my bar exams and published it myself. Considering that there are about three fiction publishers left in the English-speaking world, and, through some heinous oversight in family strategy, none of my relatives work for one of them, I thought that self-publication was the only practical course. It is quite rewarding and I believe that it will become more common. I'm currently working on my second book Frustration of  Line. In the meantime, I've co-founded a writers' group in Ireland, called the Irish Writers' Exchange. Our mandate is to write and distribute quality fiction, and in addiiton to helping each other edit our own work, we write a book review once a week for the Metro Eireann, Dublin's multicultural newspaper.

And just to make life interesting, I also work as a model. Mostly for artists and art photographers and mostly minus my clothes.


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