Simon Kaiwai

Simon is a father and avid researcher dedicated to supporting living solutions.  Of mixed heritage Simon appreciates cultural and natural diversity.  He considers himself a common man (man in common to all others) of the land (tangata whenua).Simon has recently developed an interest in Law (Tikanga, Principles, Maxims, Common law, Legal aka Admiralty law), society and the English language.  His probing led him to experience systematic wrongs performed by sworn members of "The system".  He also experienced the conditioned responses of many whose spirit of freedom, sense of contentedness and morality has been suppressed by "normalization" of the unnatural.  These insights are now shared for the benefit of all.  "Once we accept that man-kind has been gifted free-will we can be confident that we are co-creators of society. There is therefore no reason to fear our own hand and every reason to give our life's energy in service to the calling of our heart. Through personal responsibility society will emulate the beauty of the natural world, an inevitable change that will happen in one righteous moment."  Simon Kaiwai November, 2010  

Simon Kaiwai's

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