Sven Hansen

Sven Gårn Hansen is a Danish journalist and solidarity worker based in Managua, Nicaragua, with my partner Maggan (on the left in the picture).

I was born in 1961, and was trained in history and cultural sociology at Copenhagen University.

Since 1986 I have been active in solidarity and development work in Central America, sometimes even with a salary, working mostly with farmers´organizations, village councils and cooperatives.

In Denmark i have worked with various left wing and progressive media projects, including the webzine, when not making real money in day care, teaching or delivering mail.

I have given courses and work shops in Latin American and Nicaraguan history, peasant culture, Nicaraguan society and politics, development dos and don´ts, and basic journalism.

I currently free lance, doing translations, journalism and development consulting: project reviews, evaluations and design.

Key themes:  popular movements, cooperatives, capacity building, popular education. My central experience has been working with small farmers and peasants, but recently also textile workers and children´s organizations.

I am affiliated with the Danish media collective Monsun and The Danish Committee for Solidarity with Central America.

I blog in English on Word Press, and can be contacted through this blog.

Sven Hansen's

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