Virginia Wilson

Friends call me Ginny.  I am very excited about having a place like Z Net to join in discussion with others who share an admiration for the spirit of resistance.  I love to read, write, and think.  If you met me in person, then you'd also know I like to talk.  My favorite authors are Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Norman Finkelstein, Paul Street, Edward Said, Bertrand Russell, Gore Vidal, Frederick Douglass, and more.  Spent some time involved with a live BlogTalk Radio program which airs nightly from 8 to 9 pm eastern time, called "The Authority Smashing! Hour."  It's a daily anarchist radio show with radical analysis of the news, highlights from radical history, and discussion of current anti-authoritarian views, people, events, and activism.   You can tune in live @ BlogTalk Radio, or listen to archived shows @ 

I've journeyed from "liberal" to "left- of - liberal" to anarcho-syndicalist views.  I live in Midwestern Dogpatch, surrounded by "stop blaming Obama for everything G.W. Bush did" liberals and Tea Partying Sarah Palin lovers who honestly believe The U.S. was ordained by Jesus Christ, so please communicate with me; it would contribute to what's left of my sanity.  Very happy to have met more radicalized folk in Louisville, KY in recent months, From the No Borders Radical Lending Library, to our local Occupy movement.    

Virginia Wilson's

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