Tracy Barn

Tracy L. Barnett is a bilingual, multimedia environmental and travel writer, editor and teacher. During two decades writing for newspapers in four states, she covered the environment, immigration and social issues before becoming a travel writer. She helped to found two Spanish-language newspapers in Missouri and Texas serving the immigrant community, then served as travel editor for the San Antonio Express-News and the Houston Chronicle before leaving newspapers in 2009 to become an independent journalist. Now in the third decade of her career, Tracy seeks to pull together the threads of her work in The Esperanza Project. Beginning in January 2010 she has been traveling from Mexico to Patagonia, documenting the work of creative sustainability projects throughout the Americas for the website and eventually a book. “As our world comes to terms with an increasingly urgent need to change our way of life or face terrible consequences, I’m turning to a people who have taught me so much over the years,” she says. “I’m looking for innovation, resilience and hope in perilous times. At the same time, I’ll be creating a forum for sharing ideas and helping these unsung heroes get the word out about the excellent work they are doing.” To sign up for a monthly report from the road, click here. To sign up for updates from The Esperanza Project, click here. Follow Tracy on Twitter at (for travel info) and (for Latin American environmental links and updates). You can friend her on Facebook at  and join the bilingual conversation on sustainability in Latin America at the Esperanza Project Facebook page.

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