Tristan Ewins

Hi. My name is Tristan Ewins.  I'm a freelance writer - based in Australia. 

I publish the progressive blog 'Left 'Focus' which covers Australian and international issues, and has had almost 50,000 hits at this time of writing.


We're regularly considering new material; so if you have something on theme feel welcome to send material through to me for consideration.

I\'ve also been published widely elsewhere - including in \'On Line Opinion\',  \'Znet\', Australia\'s \'Centre for Policy Development\',  \'Australian Socialist\', \'Labor Tribune\', \'Arena Magazine\', \'Agora Magazine\',  the \'Evatt Foundation\' web site, \'The Canberra Times\', and others.  Also, a chapter of mine (on an \'active/critical\' model of Civics and Citizenship education)  was published in \'Labor Essays 2004: The Vocal Citizen\'. 

Finally, I\'m the moderator of the left-wing Australian discussion group, \'Australian Broad Left Network\'...  Feel free to join, participate or look around:

And I\'d be glad to meet fellow Australians through Znet too.  If you\'re an Australian writer for Znet, feel free to add me as a friend. 

That said, I\'d be glad to make friends the world over too.

My academic background is as a First Class Honours Arts graduate - majoring in Sociology.   I\'m also qualified as a teacher (insocial studies, history, and English) - but writing is my real passion; and it is something I dearly wish I could make a career from.  Currently I'm undertaking a Politics PhD.

Depending on perspective, I guess my politics could be described as \'left social democratic\' \'or \'liberal democratic socialist.\'  I hope to make a real difference to debate on the broad Left - in Australia, and worldwide.  If you\'re reading this, then - I guess that\'s a pretty good start.  :-)

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