Thomas Piketty: Long Live Participatory Socialism

I used to believe socialism was a failed idea. But then capitalism went too far. Now, I believe we need a socialism that is decentralized, federal and democratic, ecological, multiracial and feminist.

Thomas Piketty: The Western Elite Is Preventing Us From Going After the Assets of Russia’s Hyper-Rich

Why has no progress been made on an international financial registry that would help locate oligarch’s assets? One simple reason: wealthy westerners don’t want one

Thomas Piketty: Reconstructing internationalism

Can we restore positive meaning to the idea of internationalism? Yes, but on condition that we turn our backs on the ideology of unfettered free trade which has till now guided globalization

Thomas Piketty: Coronavirus Pandemic Has Exposed “Violence of Social Inequality”

As nearly 30 million Americans have filed for unemployment in just six weeks and millions worldwide face hunger and poverty, we look at the global economic catastrophe triggered by the pandemic and its impact on the most vulnerable

Thomas Piketty: Trump, Macron: same fight

For the first time since the Ancien Régime it has thus been decided in both countries to set up an explicitly derogatory system of taxation for the benefit the categories of income and wealth held by the most affluent social groups

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