Tyler Walicek: In Abortion Safe Havens, Organizers Prepare to Assist Those Fleeing Restrictions

“There are a lot of strong local groups but not a lot of national coordination.”

Tyler Walicek: Antiwar Groups Protest Defense Industry Profiteering in Ukraine

Please Help ZNet           Source: Truthout The war of aggression that Russia has perpetrated in Ukraine has rightly generated widespread condemnation, both among Russia’s Western critics and the world at large. On the war’s obvious heinousness, almost all of the U.S. political spectrum is in agreement. However, opinions as to the Read more…

Tyler Walicek: Widespread Discontent Drove Labor’s Advances in the Private Sector in 2021

The resurgence of the U.S. union remains nascent, but it’s apparent that — however tentatively — working-class power is beginning to find its footing once again

Tyler Walicek: Low Wages and Exploitative Conditions Are Sparking Graduate Student Strikes

The will to collective action now reemergent on the campus represents a path toward reversing the trends of exorbitant tuition, an exploited contingent labor pool and the concentration of power in administrative hands

Tyler Walicek: Kshama Sawant Emerges Victorious From Disingenuous Recall Attempt

The corporate-backed campaign to recall Seattle’s socialist City Councilor Kshama Sawant, which stretched on for a contentious 16 months, has concluded with a victory for Sawant, who will remain in her seat as the lone leftist of the council

Tyler Walicek: Nationwide Nabisco Strikes Demonstrate Growing Strength of the Labor Movement

The past few years in the United States have seen a historic groundswell of labor actions, coinciding with the highest public favorability toward unions in decades

Tyler Walicek: Homes — Not “Sanctioned Encampments” — Are the Solution to Homelessness

Authorities’ hesitant half-measures skirt the fundamental, self-evident truth: that what unhoused people need are homes

Tyler Walicek: Grassroots Organizers Mobilize to Defend Kshama Sawant Against Recall Effort

It’s evident that the establishment’s loathing of Sawant has its direct roots in the gains she has won for the working people of Seattle

Tyler Walicek: Cities Are Razing Homeless Encampments Despite Record Cold Weather and COVID

Housing is a human right. By the extent to which a state deprives people, directly and indirectly, of that right, we may take a measure of its moral desolation

Tyler Walicek: Biden Has New Progressive Education Rhetoric — But Policy Will Be the Test

When capital demands austerity cuts and corporate bailouts, Biden’s record indicates that he’s likely to oblige

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