United for peace & justice Ufpj

UFPJ is a coalition of more than 1,400 local and national groups in the US, all of which have joined together to protest the immoral and disastrous war in Iraq and to oppose our government\'s policy of permanent warfare and hegemonic goals.

We welcome the participation of any and all national, regional, or local groups who share our goals and wish to work with others towards reaching them.

Since our founding in October 2002, UFPJ has spurred hundreds of protests and rallies around the country, and has organized the two largest demonstrations against the war in Iraq.  Of recent, UFPJ has worked with member groups to push back the US threat of war with Iran, especially in regards to H. Cong. Res. 362.

Click here for UFPJ\'s website, including information on how to become involved in our work.

United for peace & justice Ufpj's

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