Ward Churchill: Cointelpro as a Family Business

L IKE MOST THINGS, the old adage “like father, like son” takes on some very curious characteristics in the twisted and secretive netherworld of counterin- telligence operations. Take, for example, the case of the FBI’s two Richard Helds—Richard G. (the father) and Richard Wallace (the son)—both of whom have been prime movers in the sort Read more…

Ward Churchill: Smoke Signals in Context

  —Rennard Strickland, Tonto’s Revenge 1998   Meanwhile, Edwin Carewe, a Chickasaw, had completed The Trail of the Shadow in 1917. The film was distinguished enough to land him the director’s berth in a whole string of movies over the next decade, culminating in the sensitive and critically-acclaimed 1928 screen version of Helen Hunt Jackson’s Read more…

Ward Churchill: The Crucible of American Indian Identity – Part 2

The Impositions of U.S. Policy Probably the first concerted effort on the part of U.S. officialdom to use the incorporation of whites and their mixed-blood offspring as a wedge with which to pry indigenous societies apart began in the late 1700s, when Moravian missionaries were asked to serve as de facto federal emissaries to the Read more…

Ward Churchill: The Crucible of American Indian Identity

Churchill   Among the most vexed and divisive issues afflicting Native North America at the dawn of the twenty-first century are the questions of who it is who has a legitimate right to say he or she is American Indian, and by what criteria/whose definition this may or may not be true. Such queries, and Read more…

Ward Churchill: Suppression of Indigenous Sovereignty in 20th Century United States

Ward Churchill   As the 20th century prepares to take its rightful place in the dustbin of history, the last vestiges of sovereignty among the more than 300 indigenous nations trapped inside the claimed boundaries of the United States are rapidly sliding into a kind of final oblivion. In one of official America’s supreme gestures Read more…

Ward Churchill: Assaults on Truth and Memory, Part II

Ward Churchill The costs of these systematic assaults on truth and memory by those who argue the uniqueness of Jewish victimization have often been high for those whose suffering is correspondingly downgraded or shunted into historical oblivion. This concerns not only the victims of the many genocides occurring outside the framework of nazism, but non-Jews Read more…

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