Yotam Marom

Yotam Marom is an activist, organizer, educator, and writer based in New York City and the founder and director of The Wildfire Project (www.wildfireproject.org). Back in the day, Yotam organized in his high school and joined the anti-war movement, was part of a student strike at McGill University, and helped lead an occupation at the New School. At the same time, in kind of a parallel universe, Yotam was a leader in an old-school Jewish socialist youth organization, where he learned all his democratic education tricks and the importance of groups. He lived in a commune for five years, mentored youth, spent time teaching in a Palestinian school, and helped start an educational collective in NY. Eventually, Yotam wound up in some of the precursors of Occupy Wall Street and was fortunate enough to play some central roles in that. He was later involved with Occupy Sandy, and helped start other movement projects like If Not Now and Flood Wall Street. Yotam is also somewhat of a musician, has fantasies about starring in a Broadway production of Les Miserables, and is constantly scheming to be a stand-up comic for just one glorious night. His writing can be found at www.ForLouderdays.net

Yotam Marom's

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