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About Me:

 Poet at war with the world...especially liberals, conservatives, libertarians, those who sit on the fence, the "normals", the utterly insane psychiatric community, those who have never heard voices whispering to them not even their own, the politically correct, kiddie porn, fagots and dyke\'s needing to join an army to basically kill gays and lesbians and children on the other side of the world(I\'m tri-sexual myself), PETA and the asinine ASPCA(I am the founder and sole member of IETL, Individual for the Ethical Treatment to the Living, and the ASPCA, Associate for the Prevention of Cruelty to Anything). I am also violently opposed to nihilists who have never left home, individual anarchists who have never done shit and, most assuredly, I am at war with vegetarians, who have never gone three weeks with out food...when they were children and periodically thereafter, for increasing periods of time.

a/k/a nIhILiST, sometime solipsist, part time poet, full time Artist, force of Chaos & Anarchy, erotic writer to be, prophet unwelcome in my own land and don\'t ever forget the buddha is a shit stick & if you see it on the road by all means do piss on it for it is an impediment to your own enlightenment


Bramin\'s War Against The WORLD!
Zenbuddha\'s Free Speech TV ATTACKS Upon You, Complacency and Non-Sexist Jokes
Why Your Not A Hippy Xplained HERE!
Why You Never Heard Of The Zippies HERE!

Favorite books, movies, music:

BOOKS: The Life and Death of the Greatest Poet of Our Age, Leonard Cohen, The 20 Volume Collection of All the Politically Incorrect Words the Politically Correct Would Never Use, The Suicide Conspiracy of John Lennon(apparently John was involved in a suicide conspiracy with Yoko Ono, Mark Chapman and the NY City Morgue with the former Beatle trying to "imagine a world with no possessions" while trying to swallow ownership of a quarter of a billion dollars...which is why Yoko wanted that world to send money instead of flowers when he expired), The Diary of Anne Frank, all 10,000 of the "one and only and truly inspired" books of G-d that there are, My Gold Cross Is Bigger than Your Gold Cross, The Epistemological and Existential Reasons Why Jesus Would Have Collapsed Under the Weight of Even a Small Gold Cross Trying to Carry It Up to Golgotha to Be Crucified, I\'m the Last Crazy Man On the Planet and Why the F*ck Would I Want to be Normal Like YOU!

MOVIES: Armageddon, The War of the Sexes, The War Between Fagots and Dyke\'s and Their Advisories the Gay, Lesbian, Tran-sexual and Tri-sexual Community Who Refuses to Kill No Matter How Good the Former Think They Look In an Army Uniform Compared to the Rags of a Bag Person, The War In America, The War Going On In ALL the Prisons of the World, The War In the Family, The War In Iraq, The War In Afghanistan, The War In Iran, The War In the Middle East, The War In Israel, The War In Palestine, The War Between the Rich and Poor and all the other war movies that are attempting to be made in less time than they are being declared and waged...however, and unfortunately and obviously, those poor directors and stars and starlets simply can not keep up with all the business being thrown their way of having a lead role in these "romantic war stories" the leaders of the world are enjoying making possible...while almost all the rest of humanity is convulsed with pain and in agony.

MUSIC: Anything by Leonard Cohen, 10,000 Maniacs(both lead singer versions), The Moody Blues, John Lennon, George Harrison, Woody Harrison, Woopi Goldburg(OMFG! I WANT TO MARRY YOU, WOOPI!), Marilyn Manson and a lot of other from classical to a few Rap songs(hey, if you don\'t know what the kids are listening to...then WTF do you think you know about them?)


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