Category: Apartheid

Marian Wang: Georgia is Segregating Troublesome Kids in Jim Crow South

Georgia has been illegally and unnecessarily segregating thousands of students with behavioral issues and disabilities, isolating them in run-down facilities and providing them with subpar education, according to an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Bill Fletcher: Traveling Through Palestine While Black

Witnessing a brutal occupation, where permanent insecurity and maximum humiliation are the norm

Ben White: Read the Report Israel Doesn’t Want you To See

his week has seen the promotion of yet more anti-democratic legislation in Israel

Bill Fletcher: On the Ugly Side of the Wall

“It felt like being in a huge prison.” That was how I responded to questions I was asked after leading a delegation of African Americans on a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories

Chase Madar: Fake Peace Process, Real War Process

Washington’s Military Aid to Israel

Allen Ruff: Operation Enduring America

The U.S. I Central Asia after Afghanistan?

Jasiri X: Checkpoint

“Checkpoint” is based on the oppression and discrimination Jasiri X witnessed firsthand during his recent trip to Palestine

Amira Hass: Garbage And Resentment Piling Up In West Bank Refugee Camps

The ongoing strike by workers from the UN relief agency for refugees is hitting the weakest sector of Palestinian society hard

Fidel Castro: Mandela is Dead Why Hide the Truth about Apartheid?

Perhaps the empire believed that our people would not honor his word when in uncertain days of the last century, we argue that even if the USSR disappeared Cuba would continue fighting. The Second World War broke out when, on September 1, 1939, the Nazi-Fascism invaded Poland and fell like a thunderbolt on the heroic Read more…

Richard Rothstein: Our House Divided: What U.S. Schools Don’t Teach About U.S.-Style Apartheid

We have many celebrations of the Civil Rights Movement and its heroes, but we do very little to explain to young people why that movement was so necessary

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